Israel’s Berry Picking Season On family vacations my clever husband has always found a way to include berry picking on the itinerary. Sometimes we would eat our hard-earned berries at the

Zeelim Desert Spa

Desert Spa Photo by M. Kaplan-Green The spa at Kibbutz Ze’elim hamam. As in Kibbutz Revivim, the water source is 10,000 year old brackish water from underground springs.


Pitch A Tent Corn fields At the top of Israel, in a land of silver green olive trees, grape vines, and red spiky-tipped espaliered plum trees, spring has sprung.


Boating Under the Arches Underground row boating in land-locked Ramle? Too strange to be true. Yet, there was the sign beckoning us on: Boating Under the Arches. Our companions for the


Capital Cactus Cactus hor d’oeuvres? Jam, jelly, preserves, all made from cactus? Is it sharp, sticky, prickly, spicy, hot or sweet? Do you cook it? Do you eat the pulp, the


Garlic Wisdom from Pekiin As a child growing up in pre-State Israel, Amnon Uziyahu was taught by his mother that garlic must be put only in clay pots — never in

Lemon Bottle

Lemon-In-A-Bottle “What came first: the bottle or the lemon?”, we asked Shmuel Shabtai when he showed us the mysteriously lovely bottle with golden liquid and a ripe full-sized lemon inside it.


Metzoke Dragot in the Judean Desert Ship of the desert Metzoke Dragot, Judean Desert. I was thought to be utterly irresponsible flying to Israel to go to the desert in

desert archery

Desert Archery How does a golf fanatic find satisfaction in a rocky desert? Yaakov Everett saw the connection between golf and archery and together with his wife, Ruth, set out

Desert Fish

Desert Fish The fishing industry in the Mediterranean basin can be traced back to Roman times. The plethora of fish and other marine life included many of the same fish that