One Day At A Time A one-act play by Jodi Schenck and Pnina Isseroff Multi-talented playwright and actor, Pnina Isseroff, manages to convey the texture and feel of these intifada years for a “typical” Israeli. How

Bob Nechin

Stained Glass Artist Robert Nechin Copyright Robert Nechin  Stained glass artist Robert Nechin works in a loft paradise with views of the Carmel Mountains surrounding his airy studio in Ein Hod,

Nurit Serfaty

A Family Affair The issue of simultaneously raising a family and pursuing a career faces young parents everywhere. Twenty-five years ago, advertising and publicity were emerging areas in Israel. As

Film Creators

Film Creators Originally from Odessa, Alexander and Lubov Cherney, immigrated to Israel ten years ago with their then teenage son, Dmitri. In one of those stranger than strange coincidences, we met Alex and Luba on


From hairstylist to ceramicist “Creativity can be expressed in many forms,” acknowledges Sheyna Lotrovsky, a ceramicist whose career began as a hairdresser. At a recent interview with Sheyna, she


Ittai Altshuler Although a non-religious person, Ittai Altshuler draws inspiration for his highly colorful paintings from the Kabbala and Hasidism. Altshuler explains, “Hasidism connects life with joy and with a feeling of plenty.”


Torah, Kabbalah and Art Abuhav Synagogue of Safed © David Friedman Wander the cobblestoned streets of the hilltop town of Safed and you might chance upon David Friedman’s studio.

Soul of the Rock

Soul of the Rock Dagan Shklovsky is a man with a mission.  For the next 50 years,  at an average of one per year, Dagan is planning to turn basalt stone into


Woman in 3-D She Who Rises Above (detail) @The Source Israel visited Elinore Koenigsfeld at her studio in Kiryat Ono, Israel. Koenigsfeld, a graduate of American University, Washington,

Harp Music

Harp Music by Adina Haroz The sounds of the harp reverberate through the small concert hall as Adina Haroz fills the space with music. As Haroz plays, her fingers