One Day At A Time A one-act play by Jodi Schenck and Pnina Isseroff Multi-talented playwright and actor, Pnina Isseroff, manages to convey the texture and feel of these intifada years for a “typical” Israeli. How

Bob Nechin

Stained Glass Artist Robert Nechin Copyright Robert Nechin  Stained glass artist Robert Nechin works in a loft paradise with views of the Carmel Mountains surrounding his airy studio in Ein Hod,

Neve Tzedek

The Arts in Neve Tzedek Cobblestoned sidewalks are lined with stone houses dating from the 1920s, chic boutiques selling darling baby clothing, handmade soaps, and organically dyed linens, a pottery cooperative filled with handmade

Lea Ben-Arye

Fabric Artist Lea Ben-Arye Fabric designer Lea Ben-Arye’s natural artistic talents are apparent in the fashion pieces she creates. With no formal fashion design background, Ben-Arye designs, produces, and sells her one-of-a-kind fashion


Michal Meron Tetzaveh Bible portion for Feb. 23 Click to buy framed or unframed Michal Meron paints in the naive style because she believes that is the best form


Sarah Malki To discover hidden talents at the age of 30, and believe enough in yourself to nurture them, is an act of faith. Sarah Malki is a confident woman whose faith


Yael Fraiberg Atzmony Atzmony, an Israeli ceramist of international renown, is recognized for the clear lines and smooth shapes as well as soft colors that exemplify her Raku objects.

Israel Museum

“One Nation, Many Faces” Special thanks to Paula Colb, Docent, Israel Museum, for her help in preparing this article Leo Lionni, Italian, born 1910, active USA Hannukah lamp (prototype),


Eilon Mosaics Remains of mosaic floors in the Galilee attest to cultures rich in beauty and detail. In ancient times, homes of the wealthy and places of worship were adorned with

Ruth Beker

Photographer and Poet: Ruth Beker With a great eye for composition, Ruth Beker often sets out with her camera in search of beauty. She finds and “records