Meitarim Raanana One knows that a school based on Jewish Pluralistic education is succeeding when the students who attend don’t know how or where their friends place themselves on the spectrum of Jewish observance. When


LeChaim to the Cranes of the Hula Valley The Minister of the Environment is scheduled to launch the selling of a special Carmel Mizrahi Merlot wine this month in support of the

Lifeline for th eOld

Lifeline for the Old “Honor the face of an old man” (Leviticus 19:32). It is often said that the quality of a society is measured by the attitude toward its old


Yeladim — Council for the Child in Placement Boiling water together “Gam Etzleynu Kacha” — “It’s like that for us too”. That phrase is repeated constantly

Tikkun Olam

Mitzvah Heroes Through our Lend-A-Hand column, we are fortunate to meet a small percentage of what Danny Siegel, of the Ziv Tzedakah Fund, terms Mitzvah Heroes.  This past summer, when Danny visited Israel, I

Yad Sarah

Exporting Israeli Know-How Signing agreement Philanthropic efforts on behalf of Israel are not new to the Jews of the diaspora. Even before 1948, blue and white pushkes [charity box]


Rally for Israel “We are here to let you know that you are not alone.” “Let us remember there is no moral equivalent between the State of Israel and the Palestinian Authority.” The

L.O. Combat Violence Against Women

L.O. – Combat Violence Against Women Our interview began on a positive note. A woman who had been a victim of domestic violence and sought shelter called Ruth Rasnic to find out


The Highest Form of Charity… Self-help, or teaching a person to provide and care for herself and her family, may be one of the greatest forms of tzedakah (charity). Mini


When Virtual Mitzvah Becomes Reality… Sarit’s Bat Mitzvah is a double-pronged mitzvah affair. The daughter of determined parents who felt that it was of paramount importance to mark their youngest daughter’s