Missing Harry

Missing Harry: A Film by Shira Lavy-Vittis Missing Harry, a documentary by filmmaker Shira Lavy-Vittis, is a 20 minute documentary film about the  life story of Lavy-Vittis’ maternal grandmother, Hannah Lefkowitz. Lefkowitz, a single mother in

Sheep Cheese

Sheep Cheese Cousins… “Cheese is like a baby: he goes to sleep, so do you” – so says Giora Waisel, production manager of Kibbutz Nachshon Dairy.

Desert Wine

Desert Wine Pruning grapevines When the prime minister makes a personal request, one usually tries to comply. So when David Ben Gurion went to Elisha Zurgil’s wedding in 1967,

Desert Weavings

Desert Weavings Drive through the Bedouin city of Lakiya, turning left and right as the road winds up the rocky desert hill, until you reach a building with a green door. It


Connecting the Past to the Future Parochet (Ark curtain) from Leeuwarden Leeuwarden, Holland, was a vibrant Jewish community in pre-World War II Europe. Together with the surrounding villages it

Life-Saving Radar Station

Life-Saving Radar Station The radar station at the top of the hill, next to the Latrun Tank Museum, can be seen for miles around. Overlooking the Ayala Valley, and with a clear view


Future Presidents of Israel President Moshe Katsav, First Lady Gila Katsav, Tehilla Founder, Yoske Shapira [L-R] When the President of Israel, Moshe Katsav, presented Tehilla, the

Palmach Museum

Palmach Museum The journey through time experienced at the Palmach Museum takes the visitor back to the 1940s, a stormy decade around the world, and a turning point in the history of


Eating Indian in Israel by Lila Rosenbloom Lila Rosenbloom celebrated her Bat Mitzvah in Israel in April 2000. Her visit to Israel on Chanukah was on her wishlist — one that

Christopher Reeve

A Special Visit by Christopher Reeve Last week, my husband Laurence and I visited Alyn hospital in Jerusalem, Israel’s only paediatric and adolescent rehabilitation centre. We have a particular connection to the hospital through the annual