Missing Harry

Missing Harry: A Film by Shira Lavy-Vittis Missing Harry, a documentary by filmmaker Shira Lavy-Vittis, is a 20 minute documentary film about the  life story of Lavy-Vittis’ maternal grandmother, Hannah Lefkowitz. Lefkowitz, a single mother in

Sheep Cheese

Sheep Cheese Cousins… “Cheese is like a baby: he goes to sleep, so do you” – so says Giora Waisel, production manager of Kibbutz Nachshon Dairy.

Desert Wine

Desert Wine Pruning grapevines When the prime minister makes a personal request, one usually tries to comply. So when David Ben Gurion went to Elisha Zurgil’s wedding in 1967,

Desert Weavings

Desert Weavings Drive through the Bedouin city of Lakiya, turning left and right as the road winds up the rocky desert hill, until you reach a building with a green door. It


The Foods of Israel Today Buy the book I can barely boil water, but I love to read cookbooks and Joan Nathan’sThe Foods of Israel Today makes for a fascinating read.


Detention Camp on Mediterranean Shores Begin life anew on the Mediterranean shore. Visit the new community at Atlit. Sounds appealing, maybe even worth a visit. Now go to the same location


Jerusalem Diaries Buy the book “Imagine if 1000 people from all over the world came to Israel immediately after each terrorist attack. Imagine what that would tell the world!”

Bar Mitzvah

Elidan’s Bar Mitzvah: A Mixture of Syrian and Ashkenazi Ritual When the invitation arrived and the time stated 6:30, guests did a double take when they noticed the AM rather than the expected PM. But they’d


Simply Eggplant An entire book devoted to eggplant! Is it possible? How can someone actually concoct so many good recipes with the eggplant as the main character?


Fresh Roses Myron with the morning harvest of roses Roses grown in the Negev desert can now be delivered year-round, anywhere in the US. With eight varieties, some hybrids, and in